Lakes and Rivers
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Freshwater lakes in Sunset Country, Canada
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Northwestern Ontario, Canada: Lakes and Rivers

Ontario, Canada is known for its vast number of freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. These waterways are set within huge expanses of boreal forest and together, they provide for some of the finest outdoor adventure opportunities in North America. The Sunset Country travel region, located in the Northwestern section of Ontario has more lakes than any other part of the Province. Fishing is excellent - this is a multi-species area with walleye, bass, northern pike, muskie and trout - truly an angler's paradise. For wilderness canoeists, famous parks such as Quetico, Woodland Caribou and Wabakimi provide you with some of Ontario's best flat-water and white-water paddling experiences. Canoe Outfitters in the area offer both partial and full outfitting. Wildlife is everywhere as Mother Nature has provided a bounty of food and shelter in the rich forest ecosystem. Scuba diving, hiking, biking and climbing are just a few of the adventure sports one can enjoy. In fact, there are more lakes than people in Sunset Country! If getting away for a while sounds like a good thing to do this summer, we recommend you check out some lake and river systems in Northwestern Ontario.

Dryberry Lake in Northwestern OntarioWe are blessed with nearly 100,000 bodies of water, some the size of your backyard, all the way up to a lake with a surface area one million acres in size. This is a land with some of the most famous of all Canadian fishing lakes - Lac Seul, Lake of the Woods, Red, Eagle and Rainy Lake are all located in Ontario's Sunset Country. River systems such as the English, Sturgeon, Albany and the Bloodvein meander across the landscape. There's so much freshwater up here - a result of the Pleistocene glaciation more than 10,000 years ago. Retreating masses of ice carved their way through the bedrock of the Canadian Shield, leaving massive cliff faces above the waves. Melt-water filled the low-lying areas leaving a sheet of lakes stretching from the Minnesota border north to Hudson Bay. The fishing in our waterways is spectacular with a wide variety of species to go after. Wildlife viewing opportunities are second to none! This paradise is now yours to discover and enjoy. There is really no other place quite like Northwestern Ontario!

Located on these lakes are some of North America's finest wilderness fishing resorts, lodges and fly in outposts. American Plan and Housekeeping packages are available from our Members. Experience the thrill of flying in to your very own lake for a week with no neighbours! You could visit Sunset Country every summer for the rest of your life and never fish the same lake! The Sunset Country Travel Association has a number of members who rent houseboats. See the beauty of one of our lakes in the comfort of a houseboat - there are few experiences quite like it - a different view to enjoy each day! There are water-based recreation opportunities of every kind! Go windsurfing, cave diving, swimming, water-skiing or sailing. There's water everywhere and your choice of activities is limited only by your imagination. Keep checking back for new information about the thousands of freshwater lakes and rivers in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country.

Clear freshwater lakes in CanadaTo get you started on a lake-based adventure trip to Northwestern Ontario, we have provided below, a list of over 900 lakes that our member lodges and outposts are located on, fly in to, or have access to. Just click on any lake or river name and a list of those members with operations on it will be displayed - with links to their websites. Once there, you can see the price of a cabin rental or a full meal plan package as well as finding out about the many amenities each resort and lodge has to offer. Our area is home to over 600 lodges spread out across a vast wilderness area. The members of our Travel Association are committed to providing you with Canada's premier outdoor vacation experience whatever activity it is that you want to do. Please visit their websites to find out more about the many vacation packages they have to offer. Our Travel Association staff are always available to speak with you in person if you have any specific questions you need answered. See the contact information below and give us a call!

Northwestern Ontario Travel Information Enquiries

Ontario Adventure Guide and Map If you want additional information, our Travel Association also produces a 84 page Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized fishing map of the area. Click here to order your FREE copy or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567.

Canada is a vast and beautiful country and northwestern Ontario is a jewel in the heart of the nation. Come up and visit us this summer and experience all kinds of outdoor adventures.

To help you discover more about Lakes and Rivers, we've chosen these categories from our Outdoor Catalog:

Abram Lake
Action Lake
Aerobus Lake

Agean Lake
Agimak Lake
Albany River

Albert Lake
Alexander Lake
Allanwater River

Allanwater River System
Allard Lake
Allison Lake

Anishinabi Lake
Antenna Lake
Apps Lake

Arril Lake
Arrow Lake
Ash Lake

Asheigamo Lake
Assin Lake
Athelstane Lake

Atikokan River
Attawapiskat River
Auger Lake

Augite Lake
Austin Lake
Back Lawrence Lake

Bad Vermilion Lake
Badshot Lake
Bait Lake

Banning Lake
Barass Lake
Barr Lake

Barrell Lake
Basil Lake
Basket Lake

Bass Lake (English River area)
Bass Lake (Hawk Lake Area)
Bass Lake (Lake of the Woods area)

Beamish Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Paw Lake

Beaver Lake
Beaverhouse Lake (Quetico Park area)
Bee Lake

Bellsmith Lake
Bemar Lake
Berens River

Berens River System
Berg River
Bernadine Lake

Berry Lake
Bertha Lake
Bertrand Lake

Betty Lake
Biddeson Lake
Big Bear Lake

Lake of the Woods / Big Narrows
Big Pine Lake
Big Sand Lake

Big Vermilion
Big Woman Lake
Black Lake

Black Sturgeon Lake
Blackbirch Lake
Blackstone Lake

Bladder Lake
Blindfold Lake
Blue Herring Lake

Bluff Point Lake
Bluffy Lake
Booger Lake

Borel Lake
Botsford Lake
Boulder Lake

Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Bow Lake
Bradley Lake

Brennan Lake
Bretz Lake
Bridge Lake

Broad Lake
Brokenmouth Lake
Brown Bear Lake

Brownie Lake
Brownstone Lake
Bruce Lake

Buck Lake
Bungy Lake
Burchell Lake

Burditt Lake
Burnt Lake
Burnt Narrows Lake

Burr Lake
Buster Lake
Butler Lake

Butterfly Lake
Buzzard Lake
Cairns Lake

Cameron Lake
Campfire Lake
Camping Lake

Cannon Lake
Canyon Lake
Captain Tom Lake

Caribou Lake
Carillon Lake
Carroll Lake

Carsten Lake
Carver Lake
Caviar Lake

Cecil Lake
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake (Rainy River District)

Cedar River
Cedar Tree Lake
Cedarbough Lake

Central Lake
Chappie Lake
Chase Lake

Cherrington Lake
Chukuni River
Church Lake

Clace Lake
Clamshell Lake
Clarkson Lake

Clay Lake
Clay Lake (Quetico Park area)
Clear Lake

Clearwater (Burditt) Lake
Lake of the Woods / Clearwater Bay
Clearwater Lake

Clearwater West Lake
Cleftrock Lake
Cleveland Lake

Cliff Lake
Closs Lake
Cloudlet Lake

Cobble Lake
Cobham River
Cochrane Lake

Cocos Lake
Coles Lake
Confederation Lake

Confusion Lake
Conifer Lake
Conver Lake

Cook Lake
Co-Pilot Lake
Coreliss Lake

Craven Lake
Crayfish Lake
Critchell Lake

Crooked Lake
Crossland Lake
Crow (Kakagi) Lake

Crowrock Lake
Crystal Lake
Culverson Lake

Cuss Lake
Cygnet Lake
Dagehart Lake

D'Alton Lake
Dashwa Lake
Dawn Lake

Dead Dog Lake
Delaney Lake
Delano Lake

Delesseps Lake
Devlin Lake
Dimple Lake

Dinorwic Lake
Dobie Lake
Dog Lake

Dog Lake (Woman River area)
Dog River
Dogfly Lake

Dogpaw Lake
Dogtooth Lake
Dolphin Lake

Domain Lake
Donald Lake
Donaldson Lake

Douglas Lake
Dowswell Lake
Eagle Lake

East Lake
Edward Lake
Ekstrom Lake

Embryo Lake
English River
English River System

Eric Lake
Esox Lake
Eva Lake

Evening Lake
Fawcett Lake

Findlay Lake
Recreation / Fishing Trip
Fishtrap Lake

Fletcher Lake
Flindt Lake
Flindt River

Florence Lake
Fluke Lake
Flying Loon Lake

Footprint Lake
Forest Lake
Forrester Lake

Freidart Lake
French Lake
Funger Lake

Gale Lake
Gamble Lake
Gammon River

Gault Lake
George Lake (Red Lake area)
George Lake (Sioux Lookout area)

Gerry Lake
Ghost (Fleming) Lake
Ghost Lake (Aerobus Area)

Girard Lake
Gitche River
Goose Lake

Gordon Lake
Grace Lake

Granite Lake
Grant Lake
Grayson Lake

Greenwater Lake
Grew Lake
Gridiron Lake

Guerin Lake
Gull Lake
Gullrock Chain Of Lakes

Gullrock Lake
Gunn Lake
Haggart Lake

Half Moon Lake
Halverson Lake
Hammerhandle Lake

Hammerhead Lake
Hartmann Lake
Hawk Lake

Headwaters Lake
Herod Lake
Highrock Lake

Hill Lake
Hilltop Lake
Hooch Lake

Hornby Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Howard Lake

Hughes Lake
Huronian Lake
Huston Lake

Hut Lake
Indian Chain of Lakes
Indian Lake

Irene Lake
Irregular Lake
Irwin Lake

Issinglass Lake
Jack Fish Lake
Jackfish Lake (Clearwater Lake area)

Jarvis Lake
Jeanette Lake
Jeb Lake

Job Lake
Joe's Lake
Joyce Lake

Jubilee Lake
Kabikwabik Lake
Kagianagami Lake

Kakabikitchiwan (Crooked Pine) Lake
Kamungishkamo Lake
Kapikik Lake

Kawakamik Lake
Kawaweogama Lake
Kawawia Lake

Kay Lake
Keeper Lake
Keeper River

Keeper River System
Keg Lake
Keikewabik Lake

Kenoji Lake
Kershaw Lake
Key Lake

Kilburn Lake
Kilvert Lake
Kingfish Lake

Kishkutena Lake
Knox Lake
Kopka River

Kukukus Lake
Kurt Lake
Lake of the Woods / Labyrinth Bay

Lac La Croix
Lac Seul
Lac Seul/ Williams Bay

Lac Seul/Aldous Bay
Lac Seul/Black Bay
Lac Seul/Chamberlain Narrows

Lac Seul/McIntyre Bay
Lac Seul/McKenzie Bay
Lac Seul/Northwest Section

Lake Despair
Lake Kashabowie
Lake Nipigon

Lake of Bays
Lake of the Woods
Lake St. Joseph

Lake Superior
Larson Lake
Larus Lake

Latreille Lake
Legon Lake
Lennan Lake

Lerome Lake
Lift Lake
Lillycrop Lake

Linklater Lake
Lisa Lake
Little Bear Lake

Little Boulder Lake
Little Dogtooth Lake
Little George Lake

Little Gull Lake
Little Hawk Lake
Little Metionga Lake

Little Miniss Lake
Eagle Lake / Little Neck Bay
Little Sand Lake

Little Trout Lake
Little Vermilion Lake
Little Woman Lake

Loganberry Lake
Lake of the Woods / Long Bay
Long Lake

Long Lake (Red Lake area)
Longbow Lake
Loon Lake

Loonhaunt Lake
Loonshit Lake
Loree Lake

Lost Lake
Lost Lake (Wabigoon area)
Lount Lake

Lower Manitou Lake
Lynx Lake
Maika Lake

Makokibatan Lake
Malaher Lake
Malette Lake

Mall Lake
Mamiegowish Lake
Manion Lake

Marchington Lake
Margaret Lake
Margot Lake

Markop Lake
Marmion Lake
Marsh Lake

Marvin Lake
Maskinonge Lake
Matawin River

Mattice Lake
Maud Lake
Maynard Lake

McCusker Lake
McGinnis Lake
McGregor Lake

McInnes Lake
McKinley Lake
McQuat Lake

McVicar Lake
Meandrine Lake
Meighan Lake

Mercutio Lake
Metionga Lake
Middle Kilburn Lake

Middle Lake
Mile Lake
Lake of the Woods / Miles Bay

Miller Lake
Mimi Lake
Miminiska Lake

Minnaweiskag Lake
Minnehaha Lake
Minniss Lake

Minnitaki Lake
Mirror Lake
Misehkow River

Mojikit Lake
Monroe Lake
Montcrief Lake

Monyeen Lake
Moonshine Lake
Moose Lake

Moose Lake (Indian Lake Chain)
Moose Lake (Red Lake area)
Moose Lake (Thaddeus Lake area)

Moosehorn Lake
Morden Lake
Morris Lake

Mosher Lake
Mosier Lake
Mount Lake

Mountairy Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake (Hawk Lake Area)

Mulcahy Lake
Murdock Lake
Musgrave Lake

Musk Lake
Muskie Lake
My Lake

Mystery Lake
Namaygoos Lake
Nance Lake

Napanee Lake
Narrow Lake
Neawagank Lake

Nechigona Lake
Nelson Lake
Newman Lake

Night Hawk lake
Niobe Lake
No Name Lake

Norse Lake
Rainy Lake / North Arm
North Caribou Lake

North Troutfly Lake
North Viaduct Lake
Rainy Lake / Northwest Bay

Nungesser Lake
Nym Lake
Obukowin Lake

O'Dell Lake
Odin Lake
Off Lake

Ogani Lake
Ogoki Lake
Ogoki Reservoir

Ogoki River
Okanse Lake
Oliver Lake

Olson Lake
Ona Lake
Onamakawash Lake

One Man Lake
O-Nee-Gum Lake
Onepine Lake

Onis Lake
Onnie Lake
Opap River

Optic Lake
Ord Lake
Orono Lake

Osnaburgh Lake
Osprey Lake
Otatakan Lake

Otter Lake
Otter Lake (Trout Lake Area)
Otterskin Lake

Ottertail Lake
Otukamamoan (Trout) Lake
Paddy Lake (Hawk Lake Area)

Pakwash Lake
Palisades River
Papaonga Lake

Patterson Lake
Paulson Lake
Peak Lake

Peisk Lake
Pekagoning Lake
Pelican Lake

Penassi Lake
Pepperbell Lake
Perrault Lake

Perrigo Lake
Pete Lake
Phillips Lake

Piche Lake
Pickeral Lake
Pickerel Lake

Pickle Lake
Picture Narrows Lake
Pilot Lake

Pine Island Lake
Pine Needle Lake
Pinemuta River

Red Lake / Pipestone Bay
Pipestone Lake
Pipestone River Chain

Pistol Lake
Poirier Lake
Portage Lake

Portal Lake
Press Lake
Pringle Lake

Pusher Lake
Pyramid Lake
Rabbit Lake

Rainy Lake
Rainy River
Raleigh Lake

Ranger Lake
Rat-Trap Lake
Rainy Lake / Red Gut Bay

Red Lake
Regaite Lake
Lake of the Woods / Regina Bay

Rex Lake
Rheaume Lake
Rice (Manomin) Lake

Rice Lake (English River area)
Richard Lake
Robert Lake

Robinson Lake
Roger Lake
Rollingstone Lake

Rolston Lake
Rough Rock Lake
Roulston Lake

Rowan Lake
Ruddy Lake
Rush Lake

Rushing River
Lake of the Woods / Sabaskong Bay
Saganagons Lake (Cache Bay)

Salveson Lake
Sand Point Lake
Sandbar Lake

Sandbeach Lake
Sanford Lake
Saphire Lake

Sawbill Bay Lake
Scenic Lake
Schultz Lake

Scout Lake
Seagraves Lake
Rainy Lake / Seine Bay

Seine River System
Separation Lake
Seseganaga Lake

Severn Lake
Severn River
Shabumeni Lake

Shabuskwia Lake
Shannon Lake
Sharpstone Lake

Shawanabis Lake
Shearstone Lake
Shebandowan Lake

Shingwak Lake
Shirley Lake
Shoal Lake

Shoal Lake Narrows
Short Lake
Short Lake (Red Lake area)

Siess Lake
Silver Lake
Singapore Lake

Six Mile Lake
Skinner Lake
Skip Lake

Slab Lake
Slate Lake
Slender Lake

Slim River
Smoothrock Lake
Lake of the Woods / Snake Bay

Snakeweed Lake
Snelgrove Lake
Snowshoe Lake

Solitary Lake
South Lake
Lake of the Woods / South Narrow

South Pipestone River
South Rapids (Deer Lake)
Southwest Lake

Spadina Lake
Split Lake
Spot Lake

Stanton Bay
Stanzhikimi Lake
Steep Rock Lake

Lake of the Woods / Steven's Bay
Stoney lake
Straw Lake

Strong Lake
Sturgeon Lake
Sturgeon River

Sucan Lake
Sullivan Lake
Sumach Lake

Sunlight Lake
Sunray Lake
Sup Lake

Surprise Lake
Swain Lake
Rainy Lake / Swell Bay

Sydney Lake
Telescope Lake
Terry Lake

Tex Lake
Thaddeus Lake
Thicketwood Lake

Thompson Lake
Three Mile Lake (Quetico Area)
Throat River System

Toby Lake
Tommy How Lake
Toutin Lake

Touts Lake
Trap Lake
Trapline Lake

Treelined Lake
Tri Lake
Trough Lake

Red Lake / Trout Bay
Trout Lake
Trout Lake (North Spirit Lake Area)

Trout Lake (Separation Lake area)
Trout River
Troutfly Lake

Turn Around Lake
Turtle Lake
Turtle Pond

Turtle River
Two Island Lake
Two Lake

U Lake
Umfreville Lake
Una Lakes

Unexpected Lake
Unnamed Lake
Upper Manitou Lake

Upper Wapesi Lake
Valhalla Lake
Vane Lake

Vaughan Lake
Vee Lake
Vermilion Lake

Viaduct Lake
Vick Lake
Victor Lake

Victoria Lake
Wabakimi Lake
Wabaskang Lake

Wabigoon Lake
Wabigoon River
Wagin Lake

Wake Lake
Wakeman Lake
Wapesi Lake

Wapesi River
Wapikamaski Lake
Ward Lake

Warwick (Bearberry) Lake
Wasa Lake
Washagomis Lake

Wastayanipi Lake
Watcomb Lake
Wavell Lake

Weatherson Lake
Weese Lake
Weisner Lake

Wenasaga Lake
Eagle Lake / West Arm
West Lake

West Lake (Monroe Lake Area)
White Lake
White Otter Lake

Lake of the Woods / Whitefish Bay
Whitelaw Lake
Whitewater Lake

Whitney Lake
Wick Lake
Wigwascence Lake

Wilkie Lake
Willard Lake
Williams Lake (Lac Seul Area)

Williams Lake (Pickle Lake Area)
Wine Lake
Wingiskus Lake

Winkle Lake
Winnange Lake
Winnipeg River

Winnipeg River System
Lake of the Woods / Witch Bay
Wolf Lake

Woman Lake
Woman River
Woman River Chain

Wright Lake
Yoke Lake
Young Lake

Yukon Lake
Zarn Lake
Zigzag Lake

Zionz Lake

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